Ripped abs: Which yoga moves help to sculpt abs

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Get ripped abs with yoga

Ripped abs: Yoga helps to get ripped abs

Everyone desired for sculpted abs as it enhances the looks of an individual. Getting those shredded six-pack abs is not quite easy, it requires proper exercises coupled nutritious diet. Moreover, people work hard to get those sculpted six-packs. They follow hard workout routine and stick to the diet plan. Despite taking all these measures, some people fail to get six pack abs. If you want to sculpt your abs then there are some yoga poses. Many people are not aware of these yoga poses. If you training your core muscles with variation then you will achieve results at the earliest. (Also read: Which yoga postures are better then crunches)

Ripped abs: Yoga moves which help you to get six pack abs

  • Butterfly crunch
  • Boat pose with the twist
  • Boat pose with leg extension
  • Lying leg reach
  1. Butterfly crunch

    The butterfly crunch is one of best yoga pose to get six-pack abs. To practice this pose, sit on the floor while keeping your knees bent and open to the side. After this, raise your head and crunch your rib cage toward your pelvis. After taking a small pause return to the start position.
  2. Boat pose with the twist

    Boat pose help to sculpt six-pack abs. To practice this exercise, sit on the floor and lift your knees towards the chest. Now bring your hands into prayer position in front of your chest. After this twist your hands on the right side while keeping hands in prayer position. Then return to centre and repeat on another side. (Also read: Which yoga poses to improve the immune system)
  3. Boat pose with leg extension

    Boat pose is also beneficial to sculpt your abs. To practice this pose, sit on the floor while lifting your knees towards the chest. Place your hands on the ground behind you. After this, extend your legs out while lowering your upper body to the ground.
  4. Lying leg reach
    Lying leg reach also helps to sculpt abs. To practice this pose, lie on your back and lift your legs in the air at 90-degree angle. After this lift your shoulders and reach towards your left foot with right hand. To complete one rep repeat with another side.

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Yoga poses are very beneficial to sculpt your abs. The sculpted abs will help you look more lean and muscular. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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