Practising yoga can tackle back and shoulder stiffness 

Practising yoga can tackle back and shoulder stiffness 

If you are troubled with back and shoulder stiffness then you might have been sitting in a wrong posture for long hours. Basically, following the correct posture is the way out to prevent this. Similarly, there are certain yoga moves which can also reduce the stiffness.

Stiffness is a sedentary problem mostly happens with those who are into office jobs. If you spend most of your day sitting at your work station, looking at your computers, probably, you can expect your neck, back and shoulder get stiffness. Because your posture can cause this.

Continuing on the same posture all the day can make the muscles around the neck, back and shoulder joints overstretched.

Here are the three yoga moves which can give you some relief from this trouble:

Upward facing hands

Yoga moves can tackle back and shoulder stiffness 

Initially, in this movement, engage your thighs and arch your back up in a cat pose. Rotate your arm at the shoulder joint laterally so that you can stretch your upper back more effectively and reach your arms up over your head.  Do this for a while and breathe in and exhale a few times.

Eagle arms

Yoga moves can tackle back and shoulder stiffness 

You can do this by sitting comfortably on a chair. Extend one arm straight out while laterally rotate upper arms at the shoulder joint. Also, Cross your right arm over the left and bend at the elbows while keeping your fingertips pointing upward. Do take a deep breathe relax your shoulders away from the ears. Repeat the motions for quite some time.

Forward bend

Yoga moves can tackle back and shoulder stiffness 

This move is something which can be done very easily. You have to stand firmly on the floor. Now, keep your feet wider and place your hands next to your feet on the ground. Rest your belly on thighs. In this movement, you have to bend your head downwards and gently move sideways. However, you can also follow this yoga move in seated position as well.

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