How yoga helps in giving up the problem of constipation?

How yoga helps in giving up the problem of constipation

Constipation is one problem that affects many people and continuous problem of the same can also lead to many internal stomach related disorders. So one should practise a different kind of yoga asanas to give up the problem of constipation.

What is meant by power yoga

What is meant by power yoga

There are certain interesting facts about power yoga which are unknown to many. Power yoga is much more than a just physical workout. It can be performed in any order, there is no set pattern for the same.

three yoga postures stronger legs

Three yoga postures for stronger legs

Many standing yoga poses will build muscles of your legs including quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Yoga utilises the resistance of the body weight to strengthen the leg muscles.

three yoga postures to keep liver healthy

Three yoga postures for a healthy liver

The liver plays an important role in the human body which makes it more prone to diseases. You can become over-encumbered with toxins if the liver is not functioning properly. So start practising three yoga postures to keep your liver healthy.

Different types of yoga cheat sheets

Different types of yoga cheat sheets

There are different types of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Vinayasa flow, Power Yoga and many more of which people are still unaware of. Get a peep inside to various different forms of Yoga.

How Yoga helps to feel great and live happily

How Yoga helps to feel great and live happily

Yoga has many benefits attached to it and helps to keep one happy and delighted. Yoga helps to boost one’s self-confidence and provides relaxation to mind and body. Once you get involved in adopting Yoga as a daily practice, you won’t feel like skipping it for a single day