What Are Some Of The Most Common Myths Of Yoga

What Are Some Of The Most Common Myths About Yoga

Whether you are new to yoga or you have knowledge about it from others, society would try to put many of the stereotypes thinkings on you regarding this. But in reality, yoga deserves more attention and should be out of all the glitches or myths which are hindering our health.

Five yoga poses for runners

Five best yoga poses for runners

Practising yoga alongside running will condition your muscles and reduce the risk of knee injuries. And the stretching also strengthens your muscles. In this regard, you can customize your running practice by involving yoga to avail the benefits.

What are the yoga poses for knee pain relief

What are the yoga poses for knee pain relief

Easy to do yoga poses can do wonder to your knee health. Yoga can provide you with the natural way to get rid of the brutal knee pain. Yoga poses helps to straighten your legs without straining the knees.

Four Yoga Postures Which Promote Hair Growth

Due to extreme lifestyle, environment changes, hair loss has become a very common problem. It is a very serious issue as no one wants to become bald. But don’t worry, you can promote hair growth by practising yoga postures.

Yoga Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

Yoga Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

Due to the busy schedule majority of people forget to take care of the eyes. But don’t worry, now you can improve your eyesight without visiting an ophthalmologist or without using contact lenses and glasses.

five yoga asanas to stay young

Five Yoga Asanas To Stay Young

No exercise is better than yoga, which has been practised in India for thousands of years. Yoga asanas cure an array of health disorders and also keep you fit and your body supple.

5 yoga poses for slimming your face

5 Yoga Poses For Slimming Your Face

There are many treatments available to reduce chubby face which includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures which are painful and expensive. But don’t worry, yoga can reshape your entire facial structure.

Yoga Postures For Men To Prevent Infertility Problems

Yoga Postures For Men To Prevent Infertility Problems

Infertility problems in males can be prevented by performing yogasana. Yoga has proved to be successful in preventing various fertility problems with other health benefits too. Performing these yoga postures can help you to get ways in the treatment of fertility issues.

How yoga can be beneficial for kids

How yoga can be beneficial for kids

Over the period of time, children are suffering from physical and mental illness. Yoga is the natural way of curbing these serious issues. Yoga has a lot of benefits to provide to the children and keep them healthy and strong.