yoga poses to relieve headache

What are the Yoga poses to relieve headache

To get rid of the headache people adopt many methods such as medicines, home remedies and others. However, people receive relief for a short while but the ache erupts again. If you are also suffering from the same problem then yoga may be beneficial for you.

yoga poses done calm anger

Which yoga poses can be practiced to calm down anger

Anger can reduce the person’s thinking ability and he can harm himself or others. Many people can not give up their anger completely, but with the help of some yoga asanas, anger can be restrained and controlled.

how to reduce inflammation with 15 minute yoga

How to reduce Inflammation with 15-Minute Yoga

To sustain thyroid balance yoga is very beneficial. Practicing yoga regular for 15 minutes creates a sense of calm in the body, supports liver detoxification, delivers fresh oxygen to the brain, and purifies the blood which all help to keep thyroid balance.

amazing yoga poses you can practice on bed

Amazing yoga poses you can practice on bed

Despite having many benefits people avoid practice yoga as they feel lazy to step out from the bed in morning. It is believed if yoga is practice in the morning it keeps you active throughout the day.

which yoga poses control asthma symptoms

Which yoga poses control Asthma symptoms

People practice yoga regularly to avail the maximum benefits. Ironically, the most people are unaware of the fact there are yoga poses which helps to control the Asthma. The Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways in the lungs.

how often you should practice yoga

How often you should practice yoga

The yoga comprises of many poses, the people practice according to there goals. Despite having many benefits people have some queries. One of the important queries is how often they practice yoga to achieve maximum results from the yoga.

yoga poses to cure phones side effect on health

Yoga poses to cure phone’s side effect on health

Using excessive mobile phones leads to negative effects on the body and pain in the neck, spinal cord and waist. But by practicing some effective yoga, you can get rid of this problem and improve the body’s flexibility and posture.