Five Myths Associated With Yoga

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myths associated with yoga

By doing yoga, we become mentally healthy as well as physically healthy. By doing yoga, our mind becomes tight and strong and all the muscles of the body become flexible and the blood flow improves in the body. But there are some myths associated with yoga among people, which should not be believed. By believing these myths, you can be deprived of the benefits of yoga. So let’s know what myths are related to yoga. (Also read: What are the Side effects of practicing wrong yoga postures)

Myth: Yoga needs to be flexible
myths associated with yoga

Truth: This myth is most popular that you need to be flexible to do yoga. But this is the biggest lie because everyone needs practice for yoga like sports. By doing exercises, your body seems to be flexible.

Myth: It is necessary to be thin

True: Actually, the most common cause of yoga is obesity. So to do yoga you do not need to be thin, but after doing yoga you become thin. People of any weight and size can practice it to take advantage of yoga. (Also read: What are the yoga poses that can help you to get rid of migraine)

Myth: Does not work as a workout

Truth: Some yoga is done to calm your brain and body, which has less movement of the body. But yoga like hot power Yoga is physically challenging, which has a great effect on your muscles and makes the body strong, flexible and balanced.

Myth: Yoga is a religious act

Truth: Although Yoga was born in India, which is deeply related to Hindu and Buddhist religion. But most people in the world see it as a physical act and it is also right. The main purpose of yoga is to make the body and mind healthy and strong.

Myth: Yoga is not for men

Truth: Yoga was discovered by men only centuries ago, though men have stopped doing this because of excuses like being flexible or over time. You can see that there are many professional men in the world who tell about its benefits and need. (Also read: What Are The Yoga Poses To Reduce Chest Fat)

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