How yoga is helpful in treating panic disorder?

How yoga is helpful in treating panic disorder
If you are suffering from panic disorder then you should practice yoga regularly to reduce their impact. This disorder affects the life of an individual in every possible way. Such incidents also lower your self-confidence and make your life a bitter hell. Moreover, when medical treatments fail to provide relief in such situation, yoga helps a person to overcome it.

The different postures of Yoga (asanas) help to get rid of every kind of stress. Breathing exercises and muscle relaxation are the exercises help to provide relief in anxiety issues. Yoga not only helps in stretching of muscles but also boosts the overall self-confidence in an individual. The gaining of confidence also helps in reduction of the feeling of anxiety.

What actually makes us anxious? The negative thoughts, fears, uneasiness, unacceptability, physical deformity are some of the feelings that make us undergo panic attack. By practising yoga we can get over these shortcomings as yoga brings peace and solace to your mind.

Yoga includes simple exercises that help us to focus on our breathing and helps in making our mind relaxed. Meditating also reduces our stress level which ultimately results in the reduction of anxiety issues. It is also advisable to join a yoga class or an institute because meeting new people will trigger your confidence and will help you in being more socialised.

Yoga helps in releasing tension and negativity. Here are few yoga asanas that will help you to get rid of anxiety issues:

1.Pranayam (Breath Control)

2.Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

3.Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

4.Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

5.Hastapadasana (Standing Forward Bend)

The basic rule of Yoga is to stay happy and find happiness in things around you. Eating healthy and taking a proper nutritious diet are also a part of practising yoga. Help others and do charity, this will bring inner peace and will increase your self-esteem. It also helps to fight depression and mental instability as it boosts up your self-esteem.

Furthermore, there are many variations in the form of Yoga depending upon your need. A well-groomed trainer will definitely help you and will take you out of the feeling of depression. Even the studies have shown that the counsellors we consult for fighting these anxiety issues and panic attacks suggest yoga practise. It is the most healthy and natural way of getting released from the clutches of anxiousness.

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