How yoga helps in giving up the problem of constipation

How yoga helps in giving up the problem of constipation?

Practising yoga daily can help in reducing constipation problem. There are multiple reasons of constipation right from unhealthy eating, lack of physical exercise, improper lifestyle to insufficient intake of liquids. The continuous problem of constipation can also lead to many internal stomach related disorders.

Let’s have a look at different asanas (body postures) that we should perform to get rid of constipation problem:

Butterfly Pose (The forward bend):

This pose helps to get rid of stomach ache, gastric problem, bloating, and constipation. It also helps in getting relieved from stress and improves our digestive system. The forward bending exercise by standing or seating also helps in the reduction of the problem. Surya Namaskar (Salutation to Sun) is also one of the most important ways of getting rid of constipation.

Wind Relieving Pose (Knee to chest):

How Yoga helps in giving up the problem of constipation?

This pose helps in getting rid of the gas problems of the stomach. Constipation often leads to gastric and acidity problems which make the situation even worse. One can practice it by hugging both knees to your chest or alternately one after another by lying down on your back.

Spinal Twist Pose (Twisting):

This pose is also known as Matsyendrasana. It serves as a quick remedy to get rid of constipation. Furthermore, there are several exercises through which one can practice different poses and get relief. Twisting helps in the movement of bowels and thus makes the digestive system proper.

Plough Pose ( Headstand or shoulder stand):

This pose accelerates the pace of blood circulation and helps in gaining your digestion system back to normal. This pose involves great practice before it is actually performed. The beginners should not rely on this, as it may lead to pulling of muscles.

Besides the above-mentioned poses of Yoga, one should involve in healthy eating and lead a proper lifestyle to get rid of constipation naturally. In addition, taking more and more of fibrous food, incorporating green leafy vegetables in the diet and intake of maximum amount of water are some of the resorts that will help you in attaining better digestion.

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