How yoga can be a stress buster?

How yoga can be a stress buster

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Practising yoga is one of the most healthy and advisable regimes one should follow. Since the onset of civilisation yoga has been followed in almost every part of the world. Off late yoga has held deep clutches to our fitness routine. It helps us in concentration, accelerates blood flow, reduces stress, improves our concentration, and keep us away from many diseases.

Yoga involves the below-listed characteristics that help to keep our body healthy and fit:

Involves exercises: Yoga involves exercises that include the movement of every single part of the body. Yoga stretches our muscles and improves the blood flow in the body. Yoga involves the combinations of asanas which practitioners follow step by step. It lays emphasis on proper movement of the muscle and relaxes our mind and soul. However, it helps in the excretion of sweat and calories which ultimately fine tones our body.

Reduces Stress Level: Practising Yoga regularly releases our stress hormones from the body thus making our body happy from inside. Yoga Nidra is one of the technique to provide immense relaxation and allows body and soul to meditate. Hence, it helps in achieving inner peace and solace and enriches our mind and body.

Provides peace to mind: Yoga helps in providing deep peace to our mind. While our mind is constantly occupied with trillions of ongoing around us, we usually forget to relax and analyse the situations. We become forgetful for how important it is for us to achieve that inner peace. Yoga helps us to concentrate on each of our physical as well as mental activities. Therefore, it helps to calculate our each and every moment right from our breathing to our stretching.

Controls breath: Everyone who starts involving Yoga in their daily routine initiates with Pranayama. Pranayama is the foremost step of keeping a control to our breath and relax our body. It reduces the stress level, as our body is at complete rest at that time. It is also an effective measure to bring the heart, mind, and soul at virtual rest.

Reduces Body Fat: We all worry about our weight gain and our inability to reduce those extra bulges. Yoga helps us in attaining the most difficult things in life. Even though it involves patience and gives late results, Yoga is the best practice with no side effects. By achieving a perfectly toned body, we feel happy.

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