How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama and what are its benefits

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How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama and what are its benefits

Kapalbhati Pranayama lies in the category of breathing exercises. In literal terms, “Kapal” means forehead and “bhati” means shining. Regular practice of this yoga brings the glow to the face of the Yogi. It helps to make the diaphragm flexible which prevents against the diseases like a hernia.

This yoga is done in sitting posture. It has a great impact on concentration power of mind and body posture. [Also read: Different types of yoga postures and exercises]

How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama
This yoga method is easy to follow. However, it is important to keep in mind the correct way of doing it. First get yourself in the Padmasana pose. Padmasana pose means sitting straight with your left foot on your right thigh and your right foot on your left thigh. Now keep your eyes closed and sit straight. This yoga is entirely dependent on the breathing technique. After getting into the correct pose. Breathe deeply through your both nostrils. So that you can feel your lungs filled with air. Now exhale through your nostrils, so that you can feel your stomach going in. Think of positive thoughts and images while doing this yoga. Repeat this process for 5 minutes. Beginners should aim for 20-30 breath pumps and then gradually increase the limit.

Benefit of the Kapalbhati Pranayama

Achieving the ideal weight
Regular practice of Kapalbhati helps to lose the extra kilo. It impacts directly on the muscles of the stomach. That is why it is used to maintain the ideal body weight.[Also read: Amazing facts about yoga and its benefits]

Stronger respiratory path
Kapalbhati helps to remove toxic waste from the respiratory path. It reduces the chance of allergy and infection are reduced due to the regular practice of Kapalbhati.

Concentration power and mental peace
This yoga method helps to develop better concentration power improves memory. Regular practice of Kapalbhati helps to promote a sense of general well being.

Boots the circulation of blood
Kapalbhati helps to boost the blood circulation, which in turn helps the body to work more efficiently. It improves the amount of oxygen in the blood. It also affects the lungs in a positive way.

However, some people are advised against Kapalbhati like people with heart problems, diabetes, spinal issues should avoid this yoga or get the doctors’ opinion about the same. [Also Read: Easy yoga exercises which one can practice every day]

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