How Yoga helps to feel great and live happily

How Yoga helps to feel great and live happily

Yoga is a best natural therapy to relax and enjoy calmness. With so much chaos going around us, it becomes difficult to find a moment of peace and rest. Yoga is known to be the best way out in order to refresh mind body and soul. There are many kinds of Yoga across the world and it involves a step by step performance of the different poses to gain the perfect body. Once you get involved in adopting Yoga as a daily practice, you won’t feel like skipping it for a single day. Yoga sets your routine and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

Listed below are some Yoga poses that will help you in feeling great:

Pelvic Tilts: This Yoga posture focuses mainly on the lower back area. Lying on stretched back can cause pain for some time but gradually you will feel light and comfortable in this pose. It also helps in stretching hips, lower back, and hamstrings and thus gives away the problem of severe pain in the body.

Downward-facing Dog:
How can Yoga make you feel great and live happily

Raise your butt high by bending your knees and peddling your toes in outer heel position. Stretch your legs straight and hold the position. It is like a semi-fall position where you are leaning and taking support by hitting the palms towards the floor. It helps in overall stretching of the body.

Lunges and stretching:
Lunges help in the movement of hips and hamstrings in a proper way. The ‘to and fro’ position helps in stretching the muscles of legs and hips area. Pulling out one leg after the other also helps.

Standing Forward Bend:
How can Yoga make you feel great and live happily

This is better known as half Sun Salutation( Surya Namaskar). It helps in proper stretching of back and legs simultaneously. Leaning forward with head down and bending is one of the most effective ways of reducing body fat. By joining the feet together, straight, keeping the head forward and letting the palms touch the ground is the basic pose of this type of Yoga. This position is known as Uttanasana.

Lying in Corpse Pose:
How can Yoga make you feel great and live happily

Nothing could be more relaxing than lying in an absolute corpse like posture. It is a way of resting and absorbing energy for the rest of the day. Thus, lying straight at the back with no turns is what this position suggest.

Besides the above-mentioned body postures, every individual body requires a different state of rest. According to the needs of the body, one should practice different yoga postures to let the body stay fit and healthy. However, it is very necessary for every individual to perform Yoga under a proper guidance. Inappropriate Yoga poses may lead to muscle pulling.

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