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Healthy hair: How balayam yoga (rubbing finger nails) is beneficial for healthy hair

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Balayam can be beneficial for healthy hair

Healthy hair: Rub nails for healthy hair. (photo c: seafoodnet.info

Every person is advised to rub fingernails for healthy and shiny hair. Unfortunately, many people ignored this advice because it seems senseless. If you are also ignoring this advice then stop ignoring because it is really beneficial for the development of hair. The process of rubbing nails is known as balayam yoga. Practising balayam yoga 5-10 minutes daily can make your hair grow again and reduce hair problems. And stimulate blood flow to the scalp and reduce problems like hair fall, dandruff as well as premature greying. You have to rub all your fingernails against each other. However, do not rub thumbnails because rubbing it may cause the growth of facial hair. (Also read: Four Yoga Postures Which Promote Hair Growth)

Healthy hair: How to impove hair health with balayam yoga

  • Perfect way to practice balayam yoga
  • How did dose balayam yoga work?
  • When will the results be visible?
  • Supplement balayam yoga with other asanas
  • Who should avoid balayam yoga?
  1. A perfect way to practice balayam yoga
    It is quite easy to practice balayam yoga. To practice balayam yoga in right way, just bring your hands closer to the chest, curl finger inwards and the rub the nails against each other. For better results, thumbnails should not be rubbed and held upright. Practice this yoga 5 to 10 minutes daily to achieve results at the earliest.
  2. How Balayam yoga works?

    Get healthy hair by rubbing nails.
    Balayam yoga helps to improve hair health.

    Balayam yoga is beneficial to reduce the bald spots and also helps to get normal hairline. Moreover, it also prevents hair loss and premature hair greying. It is believed that there is certain nerve- ending below fingernails. Therefore, when you rub fingernails it stimulates your brain to send a signal to revive the dead or unproductive hair follicles.

  3. When will the results be visible?
    You need patience for the results. The fall will effectively reduce after 3-6 months. And hair growth will start after 6-9 months. (Also read: How to make your nails grow stronger and longer)
  4. Supplement balayam yoga with other asanas
    It will be more beneficial if you supplement balayam yoga with other yoga postures. You can practice, Shirshasan, Adho Mukha and svanasan.
  5. Who should avoid balayam yoga?
    Balyam yoga may be harmful to people who have the problem with high blood pressure. Moreover, pregnant women should also avoid this yoga as it may cause uterine contractions or high blood pressure.

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Everyone desires for healthy hair. In this regard, they use the market-based product, which is harmful to hair in the longer term. If you also want healthy hair then just rub your fingernails 5-10 minutes daily. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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