Five Yoga Asanas To Stay Young

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five yoga asanas to stay young

To feel young and fit, it is important to feed your body with healthy food and do some exercises. But no exercise is better than yoga, which has been practised in India for thousands of years. Yoga asanas cure an array of health disorders and also keep you fit and your body supple. One of the easiest ways to tone up your body and improve your skin is to do yoga. So go grab your yoga mat and take the first step towards youthfulness as we take a look at five yoga asanas that will help you stay young.

1) Forward bend with palm on the ground
five yoga asanas to stay young
This asana will increase the blood circulation to the head and makes your skin look younger. To practice this yoga, inhale and raise your hands up- like how you do in Surya Namaskar. Bend forwards while exhaling. Touch your palm on the ground. Hold your breath. Inhale as you rise up. Repeat ten times.

2) Warrior pose

This post will help you in toning up the knees, calves and glutes. To practice, this stands straight with feet apart. Left foot points outward, right foot inward and torso straight. Exhale and bend the left knee. Inhale and stretch your arms out. Turn your head to look at your left arm. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat on the other side.

3) Another warrior pose
This pose will tones hips, thighs and glutes, tones up the upper arms and the chin muscles. To practice, this asana stands straight with feet apart. Stretching your arms parallel to the floor, keep the right arm on the right knee and raise the left arm above your head. Following this look up to see the tip of your right hand.

4) Posture development
This pose will tone up your double chin. To practise this asana, try to stand straight and barefoot on a yoga mat, arms on the sides. Feel your heels and toes pressing into the ground. Breathe deeply to realise the equilibrium in the body. Now lift your chin up until your jaw is well stretched. Hold for ten seconds and return to straight position.

5) Tree pose

This pose will improve the flexibility of the body. To practise this posture, stand with feet next to each other and arms on the side. On your right calf place your left sole. Hold your folded hands together against your chest or above your head. For ten 10 seconds hold the pose.

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