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International Yoga Day 2018: Different types of yoga postures and exercises

International Yoga Day 2018, types of yoga poses to lose weight

International Yoga Day 2018: One must perform various yoga poses to stay healthy and fit.

International Yoga Day 2018: Yoga is an amalgamation of different physical exercises and body postures. Yoga needs a lot of practice and patience. Moreover, if yoga is practised under a proper guidance, it becomes very effective. With the progress in time, there has been innovation in the various postures and techniques of Yoga. There have been many Yoga perfectionists around the world who keep on introducing different asanas (body postures) according to the need of the body and also keep experimenting with the same. On this International Yoga Day 2018, let’s find out some yoga poses we all should do every day. (Also read: International Yoga Day 2018: How to incorporate yoga in your daily routine)

International Yoga Day 2018: Let’s have a look at the types of Yoga Poses

  • Standing Pose
  • Seated Pose
  • Supine Pose
  • Balancing Pose
  • Twists
  • Backbends
  • Inversions

Standing Pose

Different types of yoga postures and exercises to do everyday
International Yoga Day 2018: Everyday yoga poses (PC: easyhealthoptions.com)

Standing Pose focuses on improving the strength of legs and lower body. Downward facing pose, warrior pose, extended side angels are some of the most famous and also highly practised forms of Yoga. (Also read: Three yoga postures for stronger legs)

Seated Pose
Seated pose involves the stretching of the body in a sitting position. Stretching also helps in reducing the body fat at a faster pace. The seated pose also involves forward bending which will stretch the bulky sides and back. Furthermore, the most common poses practised in seated pose are staff pose, cobbler’s pose, sitting crossed legs.

Supine Pose
As the name suggests this is a pose about resting of spinal cord. Lying at back and relaxing (corpse pose) is one of the main yoga poses. This exercise comes at the end of a session to bring the body to its final rest.

Balancing Pose

International Yoga Day yoga poses
One must do yoga every day to stay fit and healthy one this Yoga Day 2018.

While elderly people reach towards their age, they lose the balance of their body. Yoga helps in maintaining that poise and balance. It also helps in improving our concentration which ultimately helps in having a balance over the body. (Also read: Best yoga poses to increase the energy level in the body)

Twists focus on reducing the belly fat and making the spine strong. It also helps in getting rid of the back pain. It can be performed while standing or sitting. The famous poses of twist Yoga are revolved triangle and revolved side angles.


Picture credits: patch.com
Yoga Day 2018: Back-bend yoga pose helps to ease back pain (PC: patch.com)

Backbends focus on strengthening the back and spinal cord simultaneously. It stretches out the belly area and also the sides of the body. Bridge pose and camel pose are some of the major postures and are quite effective as well.

It is an advanced level of Yoga and is recommended to be done under an eye watch of a Yoga trainer. Headstand, Handstand, Downward facing dog are the most common postures amongst the few.

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These are some of the Yoga posses one can perform every day.

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