Different types of yoga cheat sheets

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Different types of yoga cheat sheets

Every individual’s body requires a different kind of attention and thus it leads to making the choice difficult. After analysing the requirement of our body we should adhere to the immense range and types of Yoga techniques provided to us. At the initial stage, we should know that what type of asana (Yoga posture) we have to do which can give a perfect shape to our body.

So, here we have highlighted some effective yoga postures which you can adopt to get that particular shape.


Different types of yoga cheat sheets
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The first and the most basic form of Yoga is Hatha. It is the primary stage which involves easy movements of the body and encompasses the different physical postures at an early stage. It is a manual in a way to the vast world of Yoga. (Also read: Find out how yoga is beneficial for kids)

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa is a fellow of Hatha which involves the primary movements. It comes under the category of initial Yoga. The Sun Salutations ( Surya Namaskar) is also part of it. It involves the stretching of muscles and controlling of breath step by step. This continuous flow of exercise makes it more effective and brings the fluency.


Different types of yoga cheat sheetsHighly popular in the western world, this type of Yoga involves great physical strength as it demands the continuous motion in the human body. It’s a fact that when our body is at a standstill, it gains weight. On the contrary, if the body is in continuous movement, it remains quite active and healthy. (Also read: Know more about Yoga and it’s benefits)

Hot Yoga:

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This is a Yoga style which is beneficial to burn fat. In this yoga style, the practitioners perform the exercises in a room high in temperature of 95 to 100 degrees. The motive behind this extreme heat is to release body fat through sweating.

Power Yoga: After few followers of Yoga got their hands down in the primary stages of Yoga and excelled in this skill. They took a step ahead and brought advancement in Yoga. Initially, the poses of ashtanga Yoga were infused in it but with the instruction of well-trained Yoga teachers, various variation had been brought to make it more effective.

Integral: It gives the insight to attain internal peace and solace by following the righteous path. Furthermore, it involves meditation and chanting along with various other physical exercises.

Jivamukti: It emphasises on the spiritual journey of an individual being by meditating and chanting. Moreover, it aims at making us physically fit and emotionally strong.

Besides these above-mentioned techniques, there are numerous more to the list. It just requires the right choice and positive attitude to involve yourself to this great regime. If you practice it daily not only a physical change but an optimistic approach towards life will dictate you.

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