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Common Yoga Injuries: Which are the most common injuries one can undergo while doing yoga

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Common yoga injuries: There are some common injuries which occur while doing yoga

Common Yoga Injuries: Most of the people practice yoga ad to stay fit and healthy. It provides a lot of health benefits. Till now you must have heard about the benefits of performing yoga. These days, yoga has become a prominent way to stay fit. It helps to sleep better, boost body immunity, makes the body flexible, helps to strengthen the bones, improves concentration etc. However, one must remain careful while performing yoga as it may cause some serious injuries. Any negligence while performing yoga can give you a lifetime injury. Let’s discuss some of the injuries which are common while doing yoga. (Also read: Surya Namaskar: Which mistakes people make while doing Surya Namaskar)

Common yoga injuries: Which are some of the most common yoga injuries?

  • Neck pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Stretch in shoulder
  • Stress in elbow
  • Pain in lower back

Neck pain

Common yoga injuries: Neck pain is another common yoga injuries.

Doing yoga pose like headstand pose might hurt the neck. Doing this asana in a wrong way might cause pain in the neck. Thus, while practising this yoga pose, if you feel pain in your neck, you must stop it right there and take a break.

Wrist pain
We use our wrist while performing most of the yoga asana. Those who have just started with the yoga, have a great risk of undergoing injury in the wrist. Thus, it is essential to do the warm up first before doing the yoga.

Stretch in shoulder
When we do some yoga pose in the wrong way, again and again, you encounter stretch in your shoulder. This can happen while doing any yoga pose. You will feel a sudden pain and stretch in your shoulder. To prevent this you must practice the yoga pose correctly and in a limit.

Stress in elbow
Performing any yoga pose wrongly or excessively lead to the pain and stress in the elbow. So, when you feel the stretch in your elbow, you must avoid doing it.

Pain in lower back

which are the most common iinjuries that occur while performing yoga
Common yoga injuries: Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries.

The most common injuries while performing yoga are the pain in the lower back. While doing downward facing dog pose, it is quite common. In order to prevent this, one must do proper warm up first.

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These are some of the most common injuries which occur while we perform the yoga pose incorrectly. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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