What are the benefits of doing yoga barefoot

What are the benefits of doing yoga barefoot

These days, a lot of people are practising yoga as they are becoming health conscious. However, not many people know that yoga must be performed barefoot. When someone performs yoga barefoot, the benefits of doing yoga multiplies, making you strong and healthy. Performing yoga on barefoot helps to build a connection with the Earth. It also helps to release the stress from the body. We often walk barefoot early in the morning to channelise energy and positivity in our body. Likewise performing yoga without the shoes or socks has immense health benefits. Besides this, yoga is a spiritual act, therefore performing yoga barefoot also conveys respect to yoga dharma. (Also read: What are the various foods one must eat before doing yoga)

What are the benefits of doing yoga barefoot?

Helps to maintain the balance and stability: When our feet come in direct contact with the ground, it helps to build the balance of the overall body. It makes our feet strong and helps to build a good grip on the ground. While we perform various poses of yoga, it is important to maintain the balance in order to avoid any injury. Thus, for free movement, we must practice yoga barefoot.

The flow of energy: When the feet touch the ground, there is a flow of energy to our body. It helps to build a connection of the mind, body and the soul with that of Earth. It helps us to feel energetic and strong internally. It even helps you to relax completely. (Also read: How yoga can be beneficial for kids)

Makes the feet strong: One should always perform yoga barefoot. It helps in better flexibility and the movement of the body. Besides this, it also helps to form the particular yoga posture with ease. Performing yoga barefoot helps to lay pressure on the acupuncture points and nerves. By this, the feet become strong and flexible.

Helps to treat diseases: We all know that yoga helps to bring relief to many diseases in the body. It helps to bring relief to the problem of insomnia, headache, tension in muscles and also helps the women who are PMSing. It helps to calm the entire body and makes the knee and feet both strong.

Flow free electrons to the body: While we perform yoga barefoot, it helps to flow the free electrons in the body. These electrons mingle up with free radicals and nullify their impact on the body. This boosts the immunity of the body and also helps to prevent the process of inflammation in the body. Also, it helps to detoxify the blood completely. (Also read: Different types of yoga postures and exercises)

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