Five yoga poses for eliminating kidney stones

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five yoga poses for kidney stones

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Kidneys are the vital organ of the human body. The kidneys work to extract unreleased substances and excess water from the blood. These unreleased substances after passing through the ureter, gather in a bladder. Following this, they released through the urine. Kidney stones get crystallized in urine when it remains stored for a long time. Moreover, the deficiency of potassium, proteins, sodium and sugar in the body also forms stones in the kidney. Apart from this, dehydration also causes kidney stones. Water is one of the best ways to eliminate stones from the kidney. But kidneys can be kept healthy by practising regular yoga and breathing techniques.

Here are the yoga exercises are effective to remove the problem kidney stones:

Camel Pose

Camel pose is one of the best postures to reduce the symptom of kidney stones. By practising this posture, the problem of body dehydration can be reduced, thereby it ends stones formation gradually in kidneys.

Leg raised pose

This posture is also beneficial to reduce the symptoms of kidney stones. The regular practice of this yoga leads to a contraction of the abdominal muscles, thereby reducing the problem of stones in kidneys. Moreover, this posture effectively helps to strengthen your lower back and pelvic area.


The Pawanmuktasana very helpful to keep kidney healthy and also eliminate the problem of kidney stones. Moreover, this posture also reduces the other problems of the stomach like diarrhea, constipation and acidity.


Balasan prevents stones formation of the stones in the kidneys and also helps in relief from their symptoms. Moreover, this posture is also very helpful in providing relief from cramps and pain in stomach.


The Bhujangasana is very helpful for the health of kidneys. Moreover, this posture cleanses the kidneys and halts the formation of stones. Apart from kidneys’ health it also improves blood circulation in the body and simultaneously stimulates parts of the abdominal region.

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