Why giving up smoking is important to lose weight 

Why giving up smoking is important to lose weight 

Smoking causes to pack on pounds among people who are into sedentary jobs. If you leave your desk only for a smoke break and you don’t do any other physical exercises you have all the chances to put on weight. Utilise your break time for a quick walk instead. Burn a reasonable amount of calories and lose some fats other than lighting a cigarette. Though quitting smoking can cause fluctuations in your body weight and it can cause to both gain and shed weights at times.

Let’s understand why it is important to stop smoking if you want to lose it.

Smoking disrupts exercising 

Smoking cigarettes impede the capability to exercises. Understanding this point will put your misconception that stopping smoking won’t make you slim to an end.

It helps you to get rid of excess stomach fat

Similarly, smoking can increase the chances of storing fats within the stomach. Apart from getting an unpleasant look, this excessive fat can pose serious health threats as well. This happens while belly fat surrounds your abdominal organs such as intestines and liver, and soaks them in biologically active substances like fatty acids and hormones.

If you don’t smoke cigarettes, fats won’t get stored in the stomach thus you won’t become that fat.

Tips to stop smoking and shed weight

Maintain a diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, proteins and whole grains. This would help you prevent hunger pangs. You should also try to exclude sugar from your menu.

Both smokers and obese people will be so much used to with the “hand to mouth” habit. Replace this habit with healthful habits such as writing articles or taking brisk walks.

Try to keep a habit of regular exercising as it can boost your metabolism. It will help you burn calories along with distracting you from eating and smoking as well.

If you stop smoking you should try to have foods and drinks that can stimulate your taste buds and decrease the desire to smoke. Try some fresh vegetable juices or iced lemon tea, or suck mints, or chew sugarless gum.

Quit smoking. Apart from improving your health, you will get an increased life expectancy.

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