Which infections you catch in gym and how to avoid them

which infections you catch in gym and how to avoid them

The gyms are the best places to workout. The fitness enthusiast visits gym once or twice in the gym to achieve fitness goals. Unfortunately, while visiting gym you are prone to catch various infection as sweaty members swap machines and equipment frequently. Moreover, in the gym equipment probably doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should. This does not mean that you should stop visiting gym but you can take precautionary measures to avoid. (Also read: What are the myths about consuming supplements)

Let’s know which infections you caught in gyms and how to avoid them.


Stap infection is caused by staphylococcus bacteria. This bacteria is most common germs found in the gym. This infection occurs only when you have cut in your skin as the bacteria enter through. To avoid this infection wash your hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer frequently. Keep in the mind to clean gym equipment before and after using it.

Athlete’s foot

Fungi are found everywhere and also present in the gym. The fungi cause infections like athlete’s foot. This infection caused by the moist environment like sweaty shoes or gym locker rooms. This infection not only erupts in feet but also affects armpits and for women in the breast area. To avoid this infection changes your socks and gym clothes between the workout. Never let your gym clothes stew in your locker room and wash them frequently. (Also read: Amazing tips to get rid of upper chest lagging)


This is another infection that you may encounter in the gym. It appeared at any part of the body. This infection appears scaly circles on your skinny. To avoid this infection, adopt same tips likewise athlete’s foot.

Colds and flu
which infections you catch in gym and how to avoid them
This respiratory infection spread easily. The colds and flu transmitted through droplets from someone else’s cough and sneezes. The best way to get rid of this infection is to wash your hands or grab that alcohol-based sanitizer after leaving the gym once your workout is finished.

Hot-tub rash

This infection caused by the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This bacteria found in hot tubs or pool that don’t have enough chlorine. This infection causes an itchy and red rash. To avoid the infection, confirm with gym employee that chlorine and pH levels are checked at least twice a day. (Also read: What are the various benefits of jogging to our overall health)

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