What are the Exercises to be practiced during initial days of gym

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exercises to be practiced during initial days of gym

Those of you who have started exercising recently should take care of many special things. In the early days, you should not exercise in a very intense way, initially, try to do such exercises which are easy. If you start exercising hard only in the early days, then you are more prone to injuries. (Also read: Signs that indicate your core muscles are weak)

Let’s know what kind of exercises people should practice during initial days.

Early exercises:

Experts also advise people who start exercising primarily to exercise such as cardio and strength training.


It is enough to do cardio in the early days of exercising. Under it, walking, running, aerobics, cycling, swimming and dancing are mainly included. Exercise cardio regularly keeps your heart healthy. Along with this, it also works to increase the tolerance. (Also read: Effective seated workout to make the whole body muscular)

Follow these guidelines for cardio:

If you want to be healthy then do cardio for at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week.

To reduce weight, do cardio-related exercise every 60 to 90 minutes per week.

Strength Training:

Strength Training, Exercise is another form that is different from cardio. Under this, the weightlifting (through dumbbells, barbell, resistance band, or other devices) increases capacities of muscles. Through this type of exercise, the body’s metabolism can be increased.

Follow these guidelines to do this:

Under this, eight to twelve exercises are considered fine. In this, there is a great benefit to lower body, chest, back, shoulder, biceps, triceps and abs.

Perform 8 to 16 of each set for each muscle group, two to three sets can be set for more advantages.

It is considered very beneficial to do such exercises for two to three days a week.

Body Flexibility:
exercises to be practiced during initial days of gym
This exercise improves flexibility in the body which proves to be very beneficial if compared to other exercises. One particular thing of this exercise is that it does not need any special time to do it, also this exercise can be done at any time of the day. If you do this exercise before doing any other workout, then it does not have a good effect on the body.

Follow these guidelines to do this:

Be sure to warm up your body before stretching.

Stretch static for hamstrings and lower back.

Stretch every type of exercises in intervals of 15 to 30 seconds. (Also read: Achieve fitness goals by converting swings into exercises equipment)

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