Why sweet potatoes are beneficial for weight loss

why sweet potatoes are beneficial for weight loss

The extra weight on the body can cause health-related problems and also make your appearance unattractive. People work hard to lose this extra weight. They adopt many methods of exercise, dieting and intermittent fasting to shed extra weight from the body and to stay fit. Moreover, the consumption of foods plays an active role in weight gain and weight loss. It is very important to know about foods which escalate the process of weight loss. If you enhance the intake of these foods, they escalate weight loss process and you attain the results at the earliest. One of the best foods to lose weight is sweet potato. The sweet potato helps you to lose weight by keeping you full for longer time. (Also read: Which calcium-rich foods help to burn fat)

Let’s know how sweet potato helps to lose weight.

Low in Calories
The sweet potato contains a lesser amount of calories as compared to other foods. The 100 gram of sweet potatoes contains 86 calories. The consumption of sweet potatoes keeps your calorie consumption under control.

High fibre content
Sweet potatoes are a rich source of dietary fibre. The fibre effectively helps in the weight loss process. The consumption of fibre rich foods forms a gel-type mesh in the stomach, which makes feel full and prevents you from overeating. Moreover, the fibre prevents fat absorption and improves stool movement. (Also read: What are the most fun and entertaining ways to lose weight)

Low glycemic index
A glycemic index is a number which indicates how food affects your blood glucose levels. The high glycemic index causes spike in blood sugar level which leads to weight gain. The boiled sweet potatoes have a low glycemic index and do not cause a spike in blood sugar level.

Antioxidant property
The sweet potatoes contain a number of antioxidants like copper, zinc, superoxide dismutase, catalase, and sprains. These antioxidants help to eliminate stress and inflammation levels. The lower stress and inflammation promotes weight loss.

Regulate blood sugar level
The sweet potatoes increase the levels of hormone adiponectin. The hormone regulates the blood sugar level in the body. The controlled blood sugar level can help get rid of those sugary cravings. (Also read: How does walking help to lose weight easily)

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