Which tips help you to lose lower belly fat

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tips help lose lower belly fat

The lower belly fats are most problematic because it is a bit difficult to eliminate them. They get accumulated near abdomen and also increase the risk of heart disease as well as diabetes. These fats gather due to high intake of foods that contain unhealthy fats and sweet foods and poor lifestyle. Genetics, structure and age also determine the pattern of fat accumulation in the body. Lower belly fat is difficult to reduce but it is not impossible. By following the diet plan properly and exercising, you can reduce your lower belly fat. Apart from this, there are tips that can help you in reducing lower belly fat. (Also read: Which essential oils are wonderful for the weight loss)

Let’s know about tips that help to reduce lower belly fat:

Reduce the calorie intake
To reduce lower belly fat, first, you need to reduce your calorie intake. You need to consume foods that contain high saturated fat. Moreover, avoid junk food and include high-fibre foods in your diet to balance your metabolism levels.

Stress increases the level of your cortisol. This is a hormone that causes fat accumulation in the lower abdomen. To control the level of the cortisol you need to consume low glycemic foods. Lentils and beans can prove to be a better option for you. (Also read: What are the healthy food items which do not lead to weight gain)

Green-Tea is a better option to reduce lower belly fat. It contains a compound named catechins which increases metabolism. Those who drink 2 cups of green tea every day, their visceral fat burns approximately 16 times more.

The best way to reduce lower belly fat is to follow a balanced diet. The diet should contain low-calorie fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You need to reduce sodium intake to reduce water retention. Limit the consumption of sugar and high-fat foods. Avoid taking extra sugar because it is the main cause of lower belly fat growth.

Stop alcohol consumption
It is important to limit your intake of alcohol. Alcohol contains calories and fat which gets deposited around the waist, due to which the lower belly fat increases. So if you want to lose weight then stop the consumption of alcohol. (Also read: How teenage girls can lose weight)

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