Which healthy food don’t let you to lose weight

which healthy food dont let you to lose weight

Nowadays people are very concerned about their weight. They don’t even want one percent of fat on their body. The extra fats on the body make their appearance bad and unfit. Moreover, they panic if they gain some weight. The major cause of the weight gain is consumption of unhealthy and poor food. Despite following diet plans and doing intermittent fasting people load up some weight. That is not the fault of people but there are some foods, which are considered to be healthy but adds weight to the body. You must be aware of these foods, so you can avoid them to stay fit. (Also read: How to measure weight in the right way while losing weight)

Let’s know healthy foods which make you gain weight.

Skinny coffee drinks
The manufactures minimise the dietary fat to reduce calories but they add more sugar to increase taste. They are loaded with artificial sweeteners. Moreover, caffeine-milk mixture spike ups your blood sugar. This will make you crave for more sugar.

Protein bars
Protein bars are nutrient-enriched. But when you read the label perfectly you will find sugar, artificial sweeteners and other junk ingredients in it. These junk ingredients make you gain weight. (Also read: Why are you not losing your weight even after an effective workout in the gym)

Baked chips
The baked chips come with 67 percent less fat. But the low in fat does not mean that these are not high glycemic food. The glycemic food raises your blood sugar and causes you to store more fats.

A myth suggests that the popcorn are the healthy low-calorie snack. The majority of popcorn are genetically modified and made with damaged fats. Moreover, the popcorn is high-glycemic food, which spikes up the blood sugar. It makes you crave for more salt, starch and fat.

Healthy cookies
Healthy cookies may also make you gain weight. Even the manufactures make all efforts to convince you that junky and processed food is healthy. But you can eat cookies only if you stick to the lower-sugar kinds. (Also read: How does fox nut (Makhana) help to lose weight)

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