Which food you should include in your lunch to lose weight

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which food you should include in your lunch too lose weight

Weight loss is one of the toughest tasks. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Even a minor mistake may ruin all of your efforts to lose weight. So, it is very important to observe everything during the weight loss process to attain the result at the earliest. One of the most important things to observe during weight loss process is food as it has a great impact on the body. Every meal is important but it is a general notion among people that only the breakfast plays a great role in weight loss process. They do not pay attention towards lunch meal. However, lunch has same importance likewise breakfast. If you mistakenly skip breakfast then your lunch should be loaded with nutrients that provide energy for rest of the day. (Also read: How sprouts help to lose weight)

Let’s know which food you consume during lunch if you are losing weight:

Whole grains
You can add whole grains in lunch as it provides energy for the second half of your day. The whole grains can be consumed in any form like chapatis, whole wheat sandwiches or oats preparation. Moreover, eating whole grains keep you full for longer time.

Vegetables are very beneficial during weight loss process. You can easily consume during lunch. The vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and spinach are nutritious and low in calories. You can eat more of these veggies for lunch. (Also read: Which sign reveals that ketogenic diet is working for weight loss)

Lean proteins
Lean protein should be added to your lunch. You can get sufficient amount of protein during lunch from chicken, tuna, turkey or beans, tofu. The lunch loaded with protein help you stay full throughout the afternoon. Moreover, it also provides energy for an evening workout.

The probiotic foods like curd and yoghurt improve digestion. You can add these foods to avail more benefits. These food ensure a healthy gut. (Also read: What are the weight loss promises you shouldn’t make)

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