Which food combination promotes weight loss

which food combination promotes weight loss

The extra weight on the body causes many health-related problems like obesity and cardiovascular diseases. There are a lot of reasons for the accumulation of extra fat on the body, consumption of unhealthy food and an unhealthy lifestyle are some of them. Despite the weight loss is one of the toughest tasks but people still adopt many methods to shed extra weight on the body. They practice exercise, stick to the diet plan, do intermittent fasting and a lot more. However, the consumption of food plays a very important role whether you want to lose weight or gain weight. If you want to lose weight then it is very important to take care even of single thing what you are eating. Moreover, you can effectively lose weight by combining some food. (Also read: What are the common weight loss mistakes you are making at your workplace)

Let’s which food combination promotes weight loss process.

Avocado and Dark Leafy Greens
The spinach and kale salad is very low in calories and high in nutrients. But this salad will not keep you full for a longer time. In this regard, you can add avocado, which makes it more filling. Moreover, the avocado helps your body to absorb veggies.

Oatmeal and Walnuts
The oatmeal is a good source of fibre. The fibre keeps you fuller for longer time. One cup of oatmeal contains 4 gram of fibre. Walnuts add 2 grams more fibre and also provide protein. (Also read: Which Low Carbohydrate Snacks One Should Eat To Lose Weight)

Bean and Vegetable Soup

Consume broth-based vegetable soup for your lunch or dinner. This will fill your stomach due to which you will avoid higher-calorie foods. If you add beans like chickpeas or black beans, it will help you to feel satiated as they are a rich source of fibre.

Salmon and Sweet Potatoes
Fish is a good source of omega-3 fats which is very beneficial for losing body fats. If you eat salmon with baked sweet potatoes and salmon fish, it will provide you more fibre with 112 calories.

Yoghurt and Raspberry
The yoghurt is a good source of Vitamin D, which plays an essential role in weight loss. If you top it with raspberries for sweetness, it will provide 4 grams of fibre. (Also read: How to cut 200 calories from your diet easily)

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