What is right time to eat food for weight loss

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what is right time to eat food for weight loss

Due to busy routine and unhealthy eating habits, people are gaining weight and becoming obese. To reduce this increased weight, people practice workouts and follow diet plans. Dieting to lose weight does not mean that you should stop eating. It means that whatever you eat should provide essential nutrients to fulfil the requirement of the body. Which is why you should know the right time and the right way to consume food if you want to lose weight easily. (Also read: Why is it better to consume ghee while reducing weight)

Let’s know what is the right time and right way to consume food to reduce weight.


Milk contains vitamin A, K, B12 as well as Potassium, Sodium and Phosphorus are also present in sufficient quantity. Due to the nutritious nutrients present in the milk, you can add milk to your diet plan.

Right time to eat

In the morning you can consume milk for breakfast because it gives you plenty of energy for the whole day. You can also drink milk at night so that the body is relaxed and you get good sleep. (Also read: What Are The Morning Habits Which Will Help You To Lose Weight Easily)


Pulses are rich in protein, so you can add pulses to your diet plan to lose weight.

Right time to eat

You can add a bowl of lentils for lunch. The pulse is light and it does not cause any stomach related problem. So you can also consume lentils during dinner as well.

what is right time to eat food for weight loss
There is sufficient amount of carbohydrate in rice, so the body gets energy by eating rice. Rice should not be eaten at night because it can increase weight.

Right time to eat

You can eat a small cup of boiled rice with lentils in the lunch.


Consumption of fibre and nutrient-rich vegetables is most useful for weight loss. You should not eat vegetables early in the morning and in the breakfast.

Right time to eat

Boiled vegetables can eat at lunch and dinner with fewer spices.


You can also consume yoghurt even if you want to lose weight. You can eat low-fat yoghurt but you must not add sugar to it.

Right time to eat

If you want to consume curd at night then add black pepper in it. And also avoid consumption of yoghurt on an empty stomach. (Also read: Eating mistakes which increase weight instead of losing weight)

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