What does the poop suggest about the belly fat

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What does the poop suggest about the belly fat

This may surprise you all, but what we excrete tells a lot about our overall health. Not just this, but also about our belly fat. What makes it difficult for the belly fat to shed off can be highlighted if we closely notice the poop. A lot of study and research work has been done by King’s College London. They made it clear, that there is a link between belly fat and the faecal bacteria. A number of bacteria present in the faeces make it clear the rigidity of belly fat or visceral fat. The bacteria present in the gut regulates the amount of belly fat we have accumulated. The presence of healthy bacteria is thus necessary to lose those extra layers of fat. (Also read: What are the tips to lose weight in a natural way)

What does the study say?

According to the study, that the more the number of microbiome bacteria in the poop, the more quickly you are likely to lose fat. The study suggests that the less the diversity of bacteria in the gut, the more will be the proportion of belly fat. They closely studied it by taking samples of the stool of 1,313 individuals and compared it with six different aspects. This included obesity and Body Mass Index (BMI) of the body as well. Thus, they reached the conclusion that presence of good/healthy bacteria in the gut is necessary in order to lose belly fat. Besides this, that no matter if you have a good proportionate body mass index, the visceral fat can be inherited.

How does visceral fat(belly fat) affect the body?

The higher amount of visceral fat is closely knit with the increased risk of obesity and cardiovascular risks as well. It has been thoroughly studied and analysed by the researchers. The increase in the rate of belly fat leads to many problems in the body. Out of which the heart is at great risk. Thus, it is quite clear that it is very important to maintain the balance of microbiome in the gut to protect our overall health. Though there has been no conclusion found on how one can treat the microbiome directly and fix them, the study is still in process. (Also read: What are the signs that suggest our body needs help)

Is the study universal for both men and women?

Since the research work was done on the stool samples of woman twins, thus it cannot be generalised. There are differences in the belly fat and amount of bacteria present in the bodies of males and females. As the study was specifically done on female precisely, thus it is not appropriate to make it as a general statement. However, it was an observation of how faecal bacteria and belly fat are related. Thus, we cannot make it a common statement. (Also read: What are the most amazing benefits of vodka)

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