What are the Snacks with less than 100 calories to lose weight

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snacks less 100 calories keeps weight control

Increasing weight leads to many health problems, so people want their weight to be always under controlled. If weight increases once, it becomes difficult to reduce it. For this, you have to eat diet, exercise and restrict calories. Apart from this, many of your lifestyle habits prevent you from losing weight, due to which all your efforts can be wasted. It is, therefore, necessary that you have to make changes in your diet along with exercise. The amount of calories you eat when you are hungry many times a day is high, which does not let you lose weight. That’s why you should consume take healthy snacks in which the amount of calories is less. (Also read: Which changes you must make in kitchen help you to lose weight)

Let’s know about snacks that are less than 100 calories.

Apple and peanut butter

You can use peanut butter and apples to make this recipe. Cut 50 grams of apples and put peanut butter on. It controls your weight and provides energy to your body as well. 50 grams of apples contain 26 calories and 1 teaspoon peanut butter contains 70 calories.

Fruit salad

Use the pineapple, grapes and kiwi to make this recipe. This reduces fat in your body and burns fat as well. There are 36 calories in 3 pieces of pineapple, 30 calories in 6 grapes and 30 calories in half kiwi. (Also read: What is right time to eat food for weight loss)

Carrots and mayonnaise

Use carrot pieces and mayonnaise dip to make this recipe. This is the most low-fat snack that keeps your weight under control. 3 carrots and two spoons mayonnaise. It contains 76 calories.

Fruit and Cream

Use 2 teaspoon blueberries and half cup curd to make this recipe. Mix all fruits well with curd. The nutrients found in them burn the extra fat of your body and keep weight under control. 2 teaspoon blueberries contain 40 calories and half cup yoghurt contains 50 calories.

Toast and Dip

Toast with yoghurt dip keeps your weight under control because the nutrients found in it burn fats and also increases your metabolic rate, which leads to weight loss. 1 toast contains 30 calories and 2 teaspoon yoghurt contains 60 calories dip. Therefore, it an amazing choice.

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