What are the signs that you don’t need to lose weight

What are the signs that you don't need to lose weight

Today everyone is in rush to join the rat race of weight loss. It is important to lose weight when you are obese or your weight is actually harming your health. However, if you are at an ideal weight and your health is fine then you should not lose weight just for the sake of it. The common question people have in that how to know that they don’t really need to lose weight. There are wonderful ways to know if you have a perfect health or do you need to lose weight. Let’s find out what these ways are. (Also read: Which essential oils are wonderful for the weight loss)

The body mass index
The BMI stands for Body Mass Index is a widely used measure of the body fat in relation to your height and your weight. It helps to determine if you need to lose the weight or not.The formula to use the BMI is simple that is Weight (kg) / Height (m)2. That means weight in kilos divided by the height in meter squared. It has 4 possible outcomes.

  • Less than 18.5
    This shows that your body weight is not enough in proportion to your height.
  • Between 18.5 to 24.9
    The healthy body weight.
  • Between 25 to 30
    You are slightly overweight
  • More than 30
    You need to lose weight to live a healthy life.  (Also read: What are the shocking causes of sudden weight loss)

There is no health issue
If you are obese the it leads to various health issues like joint aches, heart problems etc. If your health is fine and your weight doesn’t impact your health, then weight loss is not the right thing for you.

You are full of energy
The worst thing about weight gain that you are drained of energy. However, if you are full of energy and feel the rush of productivity every day that means your health is fine.

You feel good about yourself
Your body weight is related to your self-image. Therefore, when you feel good about your weight and you are full of positivity towards your self-image than you must not force yourself to lose weight. (Also read: How Anant Ambani managed to lose 108 kg weight in 18 months)

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