What are the reasons that you are not losing belly fat

reasons why you are not losing belly fat

The tiny belly fat on the stomach is fine as they protect your stomach, intestines and other organs. The excessive belly fat can trigger many health-related problems. The excessive belly fat also makes you look wired. The people work hard to get rid of this belly fat. They practice exercise, follow the diet plans and other things but sometimes they fail to achieve the fitness target. There are many reasons to that you are not losing belly fats. (Also read:What are the Snacks with less than 100 calories to lose weight)

Let’s know the reasons for not losing belly fat.

You’re on a low-fat diet

If you avoid fats may be one of the reasons that you are not losing fat. It is necessary to consume monounsaturated fatty acids to shed belly fat. For better results consume handful nuts, a tablespoon of olive oil with every meal.

You’ve been feeling blue for a while

The depression is also one of the main reason for not losing belly fat. The people who are in depression avoid physical activity and also adopt poor eating habits. To get rid of this, practice exercise. The exercise improves levels of a brain chemical that regulate the metabolism of fat. (Also read: How to increase the quantity of protein in your diet to lose weight)

Consuming packed foods

If you consume packed foods such as chips and sweetened drinks may be the reason for not losing the belly fat. The packed food contains added sugar and simple carbs cause your blood sugar spike. Blood sugar spike triggers a hormone that encourages your liver to store fats.

You are skimping on sleep

If you are not getting adequate sleep then this may be one of the reasons for not losing belly fats. It is necessary to sleep for 8 hours. Take sufficient sleep for weight loss.

You’re unmotivated

If you are not committed to losing weight then you may not lose belly fat. If you want to lose belly then you have to consume low-calorie diet and consumption of high fibre food. And the workout plays important role in losing belly fat. (Also read: Which hormones prevent weight loss process)

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