What are the reasons that you are not losing weight despite the low carb diet

What are the reasons that you are not losing weight despite the low carb diet

The journey to lose weight can often be tricky for some people. They try all sorts of ways and tricks to lose weight and even then it doesn’t work out. For this many people switch to low carbs diet. The low carb diet is a way to cut down on carbohydrates in the diet to lose weight. However, despite this many people still face a hard time losing weight. It is important to know that no diet can be a miracle worker, you have to be patient for the results to kick in. However, even trying this diet for long, you can’t lose weight, then these might be the reasons!

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You are not cutting enough carbs
There are many ways in which the carbs can sneak in your low carb diet. For example, many fruits and vegetables can be a source of carb in your diet. So, simply sit down and re-evaluate your diet plan and the number of carbs in it.

Eating too often
Eating in a systemic way is the key to any diet to work well. However, this doesn’t mean that you will start overeating or eating too frequently. So, don’t succumb to a desire of eating all the time and maintain a diet chart for it.

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You are not exercising
It cannot be stressed enough that exercising is an integral part of the weight loss routine. If you are thinking only low carb diet is enough to lose weight in the right way and manner, then you are wrong. So, make sure you are burning the calories as well.

Excessive stress
Stress is one thing that can destroy the health of any person. When you are stressed out the cortisol(a stress hormone) levels are on the rise. This, in turn, results in weight gain and other digestive problems.

You’re having too many nuts
The nuts are high in many nutrients and one of them is fat. It is easy to much too many nuts at a time. This can harm your low carb diet and impact your weight loss process.

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