What are the different types of body fat and how to get rid of it

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What are the different types of body fat and how to get rid of it

Nowadays people are often worried about the weight gain. People try all sorts of ways and tricks to lose weight. It is natural that what works for one person might not work for another one. Therefore it is important that each person understands the causes of specific weight gain and the ways that work to reduces them. One should not treat all kinds of fat gain in an equal manner or similar way. Every kind of weight gain is different, so are the methods to reduce them. Let’s find out what are the different kinds of fats and ways to get rid of them. (Also read: What are the weight loss promises you shouldn’t make)

Full upper body fat
This kind of fat accumulates when your calories consumption is more than the calories burned. The main reason for it excessive food consumption and inactivity.

What to do?
To remove the upper body fat you must start with aerobics, it will be wonderful to get your body in shape. Other than that you can for walking, jogging or swimming for 30 minutes.

Lower abdominal fat
The lower abdominal fat stored due to stress, depression and anxiety.

What to do?
Try to remove stress from your life and start with meditation. You can include the green tea in your daily routine. (Also read: How to lose weight in 10 days)

Swollen stomach
The excessive consumption of alcohol leads to belly fat. If you want a flat stop, avoid alcohol consumption.

What to do?
The alcohol and high-calorie consumption should be reduced. Alcohol leads to various health problems as well.

Lower body and lower leg fat
This kind of fat is really common in women who are pregnant. It is basically swelling.

What to do?
To prevent this swelling you must avoid the salt based food items. Don’t sit for too long keep moving.

Large stomach with upper back fat
This kind of fat accumulates due to the lack of physical activity. If you are facing this problem, then start exercising right away.

What to do?
Get an adequate amount of sleep that will prevent hormonal imbalance. The hormonal problem leads to increase in appetite and weight gain. (Also read: What are the side effects of the slimming pills)

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