What Are The Best Protein Rich Foods For Weight Loss

What Are The Best Protein Rich Foods For Weight Loss

Struggling for weight loss is a new trend. Nowadays, dependency on junk food and aerated drinks have made almost every second person overweight. Thus, giving an alarming situation of weight loss. A slim and toned body appeals everyone furthermore, it also keeps you fit and strong. Thus, without working hard in the gym and other workout regimes, there are some best protein-rich foods available which can help you in weight loss. Hence, take a look below at the list.

Egg White:

The egg is rich in protein, however, the yellow part of the egg contains fats too. Thus, consuming egg white which is full of water and protein can help you in weight loss. So, if you are planning to lose weight without deteriorating your health, eating egg white is a good option for you.

Chicken Breast:

The chicken breast contains a rich amount of protein besides other essential nutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Vitamin B Complex. Therefore, if non-veg is your taste and you want to gain protein, chicken breast is a must for you.


Among all other green vegetables, spinach is the one which is extremely rich in protein. Also has Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Folate, spinach can be an extremely healthy option for you when you are planning to lose weight.


Beans are also a great source of protein besides other nutrients and antioxidants. The beans digest slowly in your body making you fuller for the longer time and resisting you to eat more. Hence, it is great to consume when planning for weight loss.


Being high in protein and fibre, lentils are also good to opt for weight loss. It has very little fat content and consuming it can make you feel satiated for long. Thus, to have a healthy weight loss, lentils are good for you.

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