What are the best foods to eat at night in order to lose weight

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What are the best foods to eat at night in order to lose weight

We all follow various diet plans in order to lose weight effectively. However, people often ignore the best weight loss foods which help to shed those extra kilos easily and within no time. If you are tired of doing a lot of workout and following diet plans, you must start consuming these healthy and weight loss food items. A lot of people believe in skipping meals, especially dinner so that they lose weight. This eventually makes us gain more weight as we wake up hungry and eat a lot of high-calorie rich food. Besides this, staying hungry for a long period of time often leads to disturbed sleep. Thus, we all must eat that food which helps us to lose weight. (Also read: How does walking help to lose weight easily)

What are the best foods to eat at night in order to lose weight?

Cherries: Cherries are rich in melatonin which helps you to sleep better. It helps to settle the post-dinner cravings and keep us feel fuller. Not just this, it has a large number of antioxidants which helps to fight the problem of inflammation in the stomach.

Almonds: Almonds are rich in essential nutrients which provide necessary fibre to the body. It has 5 grams of proteins which helps to repair the muscles. Beside this, almond helps in fat burning as well. Thus, one must eat a handful of almonds in order to lose weight. (Also read: Effective ways to quickly burn 300 calories in just 30 minutes)

Boiled egg: Eggs are one of the finest sources of protein and help to lose weight. An egg contains around 78 calories which help to lose weight at a faster pace. Not just this, eggs also provide essential nutrients to the body.

Green tea: Green tea is a magical syrup in order to lose weight. It helps to burn the fat at a faster speed. Thus, sipping a cup of green tea is essential to lose weight at night.

High fibre diet: A bowl full of high fibre cereals is all you need to lose weight effectively. It contains a good amount of carbohydrates, fibre etc. that helps to cut down the body fat. If you really want to lose weight, must eat a bowl full of healthy cereals. (Also read: What are the healthy food items which do not lead to weight gain)

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