Weight loss workout plan without jogging or running

weight loss workout plan without jogging or running

The few extra pounds on your body makes you look unattractive. In this regard, people work hard to shun extra pound from the pound as they want to look attractive. The extra pound can be eliminated by many ways including dieting, exercise and others. Actually, most of the people want results as soon as possible. Here is the workout plan which helps to lose weight at the earliest without even running and jogging. The exercises under this workout plan can be performed with bodyweight and provide desired results at the earliest.

Moreover, this workout not only helps you to lose extra fats from the body but it also improves your metabolic rate for a long run and helps you to achieve tight and leaner physique. (Also read: Crossfit workout helpful in reducing body fat)

Here are the exercises to lose fat efficiently without running and jogging:


The burpees are very effective exercise to lose fat. It targets every major muscle group of the body. Moreover, the burpees burn more calories as compared to cardio. To practice the burpees, stand with shoulder-width apart and come into a squat position. Following this, come into the pushup position and bounce back, get back to the standing position.


The pull-ups are very important exercise to build muscular back. This will improve your body posture and overall strength of the body. To practice this exercise, hang with the bar with the palm facing inwards. Then lift your body until your chin is over the bar. Then slowly lower down your body to the start position. (Also read: Heavy Dumbbell Exercises To Lose Weight)


The squats are very effective exercise to shape your thighs, hips and legs. To practice squats, stand with shoulder-width apart and extend your hands parallel to the floor. After this, lower down your body in a sitting position, until the thighs become parallel to the floor. Following this keep your body tight and push through the heels to come back to the start position.


Push is a basic exercise but it effectively works on the shoulder, triceps and chest muscles. Moreover, the pushups also work on the core muscles.


The lunges are an effective exercise for core muscles. It effectively works on the hips, quads and hamstrings muscles. If you practice the lunges it will improve your flexibility. To practice this exercise, stand with feet hip-width apart while engaging core. Then bring out right leg and shift the weight forward. Following this, lower your body until right thigh is parallel to the floor. After this push right heel to the back in the start position. (Also read: High-calorie food items that are actually great for weight loss)

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