Weight loss: Sweet snacking options for weight loss

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sweet foods for weight loss

Best sweet snack for weight loss

Often the first thing you hear when it comes to weight loss is to cut sugar from your diet. It is important to cut back on the excessive amount of sugar in your diet. However, there are ways in which you continue having the sweet delights without harming your weight loss routine at all. That means you can try having healthy sweet snacks. These snacks are not just delicious, but they will not stop you from losing weight. To lose weight it is better that you stay away from heavy sweetened sweets. Let’s find out about the sweet snacks for weight loss! (Also read: Weight loss: Evening snacks that are helpful for weight loss)

Sweet snacks for weight loss

  • Chia seeds pudding:
  • Dark chocolate
  • Honey and almonds
  • Yoghurt-strawberry
  • Chocolate milk

Chia seeds pudding

healthy sweet snack recipes for weight loss
Chia seeds pudding for weight loss

Healthy fat and protein-rich cheese seeds keep you full for really long time To make the chia seed pudding, soak the chia seeds overnight and in the morning mix the chia seeds, coconut milk, vanilla, cinnamon powder in a bowl. Put it in a jar and then keep it in the fridge overnight and serve it in the morning with freshly cut fruits.  (Also read: Weight loss shortcuts: Shortcuts for losing weight that actually works)

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains plenty of flavonoids, which prevents fat from accumulating and helps to reduce blood sugar by reducing the appetite. Its consumption is beneficial for weight loss. (Also read: Healthy snacks: Healthiest snacking option for the afternoon)

Honey and almonds
Almonds contain enough amounts of protein and fibre and honey is rich in antioxidants. So, you can turn both of them in a tasty snack by having the roasted almond and honey. (Also read: Bedtime snacks – Is bedtime snacking good or bad for the body)

Yoghurt intake is quite beneficial for weight loss. At the same time, the strawberries are rich in anti-oxidants, so eating them together is beneficial for health. To make this, cut the fresh strawberry into pieces and mix yoghurt and honey in it and fill it with the sauce and let it cool in the refrigerator. You can consume it when is cool enough. (Also read: Which Low Carbohydrate Snacks One Should Eat To Lose Weight)

Chocolate milk

healthy sweet snacks for weight loss recipes
Chocolate milk is the best snack to lose weight

The chocolate milk is amazing in taste and helps to lose weight as well. The milk is full of antioxidants, proteins, calcium etc. Having it keeps you filled for a long time and help you to lose weight.

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So, don’t forget to have these sweet snacks to lose weight. Click the link to read it in Hindi.

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