Try These Exercises To Get Flat Stomach And Toned Abs

Try These Exercises To Get Flat Stomach And Toned Abs

We all crave for flat, toned stomach. Many women believe in crunches to get nice abs. But, crunches are not so effective to get rid of belly fat, it works effectively on the muscles of the front abdomen.

You need to work on your hips, upper thighs, and lower back. That is why crunches are one of the exercises that can be included in this process. Many people also find crunches are difficult, and they get injuries sometimes because of the fat stomach muscles.

Here we have mentioned few effective techniques to get rid of that muffin fat from belly and to get perfectly shaped abs.

Go for plank hips dips:

Try These Exercises To Get Flat Stomach And Toned Abs

Planks are the most effective exercise for many aspects. It helps to lose belly fat, tightens thighs muscles etc. If you need a flatter, shaped belly, you can blindly rely on planks. Here are some tips to do planks:

1. Try to move your waist by twisting it. Your bottom should be up. This the exact position of doing planks.
2. Tighten up your entire body. Your every move should be tight by which you feel absolute stretched and tightened.
3. Breath deeply to strengthen the abs and your lower back. Exhaling should be deep and thoroughly.

Try Low belly leg reach:

Try These Exercises To Get Flat Stomach And Toned Abs

This is another effective way to build the abs. You just have to lie down to face up from the shoulders, bend your knees to 90 degrees, put your hands behind your neck. Keep your knees stay stretched over hips, lift your shoulders and crunch up. Take a deep breath and hold the same position for 3-5 seconds. Keep doing it for 5 minutes.

Tease your body with “Teaser”:

The advanced Pilates move called “Teaser”. You have to lie on your back by bending knees to 90-degree angles and your feet should be upward. When you inhale, tighten your abs and lift your arms up and back over the head. When you exhale, swing your arms forward, strengthen your legs so that your body form a V shape. Try not to put your hands on the floor. And rolling down slowly, bending knees and bringing arms overhead. Try doing it 5 minutes.

It is Donkey Kickbacks:

This workout is highly effective in burning fats. The name signifies how core exercise that will be. You have to kneel on all fours, your toes will be tucked under, keep your back straight. Lift both your knees about 2 inches off the ground. Keep your abs engaged and bring right knees to nose. Kick your right leg straight out behind your back. However, do this exercise for 7-8 times. You will be definitely get benefited.

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