How does tomato help us to lose weight

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How does tomato help us to lose weight

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We not only need to exercise properly in order to lose weight but also need to take extra care of our diet. If we intake a healthy and well nourished diet, we can lose weight effectively. If we talk about the foods that help us to lose weight, then tomatoes stand at the top in this list. The nutrients present in tomatoes help to lose weight effectively, Besides this, tomatoes are antioxidant in nature and help to keep us healthy by reducing the inflammation in the body. So, let’s discuss how tomatoes help us to lose weight effectively. (Also read: How does cinnamon and honey water help to lose weight)

How does tomato help us to lose weight?

Less in calories: Tomatoes have very less calorie count in them. A small tomato has only 16 calories in it. If you consume two tomatoes then only you only have less than 50 calories. When you intake less calories, you will nit gain much weight.

Rich in fibre: Fibre are of two types soluble and insoluble fibre. Both of them play an important role in regulating the weight. A cup of tomato contains around 2 grams of insoluble fibre and 0.20 grams of soluble fibre. Besides this, tomatoes also help to lose weight as it keeps the gut bacteria healthy. The insoluble fibre helps to bind the fat molecule which prevents the absorption of fat in the body. (Also read: How does turmeric help to lose weight)

Antioxidant in nature: The redness of tomato suggests its antioxidant nature. Antioxidant helps to get rid of the harmful particles from the body. Oxygen radical, DNA helps to convert the structure and stress in the body. It eventually leads to weight gain. Thus, tomato helps to reduce the oxidative stress in the body and helps to reduce the weight.

Anti-inflammatory property: Tomatoes have lycopene, pro-inflammatory that help to suppress the production of bio-molecules, which reduces inflammation. Inflammation often leads to weight gain. Consumption of tomatoes leads to reduce the inflammation and controls the weight.

Regulates blood pressure: High blood pressure is also one of the possible causes of weight gain. Tomatoes have beta carotene, lycopene and vitamin E that helps to regulate the blood pressure in the body, It eventually helps to lose weight. (Also read: What are the effective ways to lose water weight from the body)

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