Simple weight loss regimens you are unaware about 

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Simple weight loss regimens you are unaware about 

If you are thinking of losing weight, you must have come across hundreds of ways, of which most are really working and are medically proven weight losing agents. Since it is difficult to opt one among those regimens as they are equally convincing, we are listing a few for your convenience.

In some cases, consuming certain food or fruits and practising a wrong exercise can become the factors that stop somebody from losing his weight. So, be little careful in this matter.

Here are the steps to lose your weight:

Coconut oil: 

Consumption of coconut oil is very beneficial for the human body. Its benefits include boosting metabolism and reducing appetites. So if you have an intention of losing weight start cooking with coconut oil.

Black coffee:

Caffeine boosts metabolism by three to eleven percent and also burns the body fat up to 29 percent. Adding some sweeteners would make you forget the aim and idea of losing weight.


This natural fibre supplement is made from the roots of the Konjac plant. This absorbs the water from belly thus help you to lose the water weight.

Eat with small plates: 

Initially, you can start eating with small plates so that your brain would get an impression that you are having your normal ration then you will get used to this amount.

Go spicy:
The spicy food contains high metabolism boosting properties. Eat spicy dishes. Foods which contain a good amount of pepper can make you sweat while eating and even you will get your nose bringing out water.

Lift weight: 

Weight training boosts metabolism. The more muscles you put on, the more fat you shed. You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder to lose weight. Do some regular exercises.

Brush your teeth after your last meal: 

This is a psychological move. You don’t feel like eating anything after brushing your teeth. However, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and you will not want anything to get in there and cause dirt. So give it a try.

These are the simple tips which you can practise easily without taking many strains.

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