Which sign reveals that ketogenic diet is working for weight loss

signs reveals ketogenic diet working weight loss

Weight loss is one of the toughest tasks. It requires dedication, execution of proper workout and nutritious diet. The diet plays an important role in the weight loss process. There are a variety of diet plans available and ketogenic is considered as one of the best diet plans. This diet plan forces body to use stored fat as a energy. It also helps to reduce blood sugar levels and also improves cholesterol. Apart from this, when you follow this diet plan, your liver starts producing large amounts of ketones to supply energy to your brain. However, it is hard to know whether you are ketos or not. The body shows many symptoms when you follow keto diet. (Also read: What are the weight loss promises you shouldn’t make)

 Let’s know about signs which help to know whether you are in ketosis or not:

Weight Loss
Weight loss is one of the most obvious signs that your ketogenic diet is working. It is important to know that weight loss happens due to many reasons but due to this diet weight loss occur very fast in the initial stage.

Reduce appetite
Once you stop eating carbs, you don’t get hungry. The ketogenic diet effectively regulates hunger hormones that signal your brain that you are hungry. (Also read: How to reduce belly fat in 3 months)

Clear mental focus and energy
Due to decline in insulin levels, the energy of people gets drained during the afternoon. But when you are in ketosis, you don’t have blood sugar rise and falls. It improves mental focus and energy if you follow a ketogenic diet.

Digestive upset
Everyone’s digestive system reacts differently to change in diet. The problem like constipation and diarrhoea shows that your ketogenic diet is working. To get rid of this problems add more fibre to the diet.

Bad breath
The bad breath is also known as fruit loop breath and it is an unavoidable sign of ketosis. This breath is occurred by increased ketones in your blood. It also signals that your ketogenic diet is working. (Also read: How to lose weight with the help of keto smoothie)

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