What are the signs that you are losing too much weight

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What are the signs that you are losing too much weight

It is often said that excess of anything is bad for the health, no matter how good that thing is. Same is the case of weight loss, too much of it can be a disaster. Nowadays everyone wants to lose the weight fast, therefore, many times people use unhealthy ways and methods to lose weight. As a result, you lose weight but more than required. Excessive weight loss is really harmful to the body as it deprives you of energy and strength. There are few signs that can help you to know if you have lost too much weight. This way you can prevent yourself and take care of your health. Let’s find out! (Also read: How to lose hip fat naturally and effectively)

Constant fatigue
When you lose weight in a dangerous way, it leads to lack of nourishment and calories. It impacts your potential to do everyday things. You always feel tired and exhausted. Make sure you take care of your diet and health when you are on a weight loss mission.

Weak face
When you lose weight quickly then you lose the water weight as well. The water loss is experienced by the whole body. This reflects on your face too, as your face appears weak and tired.  (Also read: How to get a flat stomach in just one week)

Saggy or loose skin
When you quickly lose weight or lose too much of it then your muscles become loose and your skin loses its firmness. So, when you are considering weight loss, then opt for a healthy workout and healthy diet.

Hair fall
To lose weight, people opt for diet, which leads to low protein intake. So, your hair fails to get keratin protein, which results in thin hair. When you are facing excessive hair fall, then it might not be a good sign for your health.

Bad Mood
To lose weight you often ignore the food items that are rich in serotonin. The serotonin is important to keep your mood cheerful. So, if you are dieting too much or losing weight too much, then you will face bad mood and irritation. (Also read: What are the reasons that you are not losing belly fat)

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