Weight loss

which healthy food dont let you to lose weight

Which healthy food don’t let you to lose weight

Despite following a diet plan and doing intermittent fasting people load up some weight. That is not the fault of people but there are some foods, which are considered to be healthy but adds weight to the body. You must be aware of these foods, so you can avoid them to stay fit.

measure weight right way losing weight

How to measure weight in the right way while losing weight

If you keep track of your success during weight loss, this will help you to stay motivated throughout the weight loss process. During weight loss many changes appear on the body as you are losing weight, your blood circulation is improving and body cells are getting strong.

how to measure your body fat percentage

How to measure your body’s fat percentage

Before adopting any method to lose weight, it is necessary to know the percentage of body fats. There are many ways to measure body fats. Once you know about the percentage of body fats, then you can design your workout and diet plan accordingly.

which fruits help to reduce belly fat

Which fruits help to reduce belly fat

You can reduce the accumulation of fats around belly by consuming some fruits. There are many fruits which contain flavonoids, which are effective to reduce belly fat. The consumption of such fruits restricts the accumulation of fats around the belly.

which food you should include in your lunch too lose weight

Which food you should include in your lunch to lose weight

Despite every meal is very important but it is a general notion among people only the breakfast plays a great role in weight loss process. They do not pay attention towards lunch meal. However, lunch has same importance likewise breakfast. If you mistakenly skip breakfast then your lunch should be loaded with nutrients that provide energy for rest of the day.

how sprouts helps to lose weight

How sprouts helps to lose weight

The consumption of sprouts not only helps in weight loss but also keep many diseases at bay. Sprouts are a rich source of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, fibre and calcium that control the weight.