Why are you not losing your weight even after an effective workout in the gym

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Why are you not losing your weight even after an effective workout in the gym

These days, people try to lose weight by going to the gym, as they have an unhealthy lifestyle, desk job and consume poor diet. People follow different means to lose weight like practising yoga, going to the gym, dieting, dance, aerobics, Zumba etc. However, an excess of everything is harmful to the body be it hitting the gym daily or adopting healthy habits. If even after hitting the gym and sweating for several hours, you are still not losing weight then there must be some serious reasons. You must consider some reasons thoroughly in order to lose weight. Let’s discuss what are the various reasons due to which you are unable to lose weight. (Also read: How does fox nut (Makhana) help to lose weight)

Why are you not losing your weight even after an effective workout in the gym?

Doing too much cardio: Cardio is an essential part of the workout routine. It keeps your heart healthy and boosts the metabolism. It makes you sweat a lot. However, doing only cardio, reduces your muscle mass, as a result, you fail to burn more calories in your body. It initiates your hunger and makes you eat unhealthy food.

Eating in excess: Even if you fail to lose weight after hitting the gym and doing a proper workout, then excess eating might be the reason behind it. In order to lose weight, a reduction in calorie intake is necessary. It means you must burn more calories than the amount of calorie you consume. Thus, only eat when you feel hungry. (Also read: How does tomato help us to lose weight)

Not lifting weight: In order to lose weight, you must do cardio along with strength training. Weight lifting helps to tone your muscles and burn your fats. Besides this, you can also include body weight training and interval training in your routine.

Not giving time for recovery: The way exercise is important for your body, likewise rest is essential too. Thus, plan your workout routine in such a manner that you do a full body workout and the next day do only cardio and stretching. This will help your body to recover, muscles to build and fat to burn.

Consuming unhealthy diet: Your weight loss depends 80% on the diet you consume. If you are exercising regularly but not taking healthy diet then you will never be able to achieve your desired weight loss goal. Thus when you are doing strength training, then eat starchy carbs. When you are doing cardio or it is your rest day then eat protein and vegetables. (Also read: How does cinnamon and honey water help to lose weight)

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