Lunch Ideas for weight loss: Easy lunch ideas that will help you to lose weight

Easy And Healthy Lunches That Can Help You Lose Weight

Easy And Healthy Lunches That Can Help You Lose Weight

Maintaining the right weight means sometimes you need to get rid of the extra fat that you have. Losing weight can be a difficult task for people. You need to not only exercise and work out, you also have to watch what you are eating. So, it is important to pay attention to your meals like your snacks, your breakfast, your lunch etc. There are many lunch ideas that can help you to lose weight. Most of us have our lunch in offices or at school/college. So, it is important that we pay special attention to what you have for lunch. (Also read: Ways to cut Calories: Easy ways to reduce calories intake)

Easy And Healthy Lunches That Can Help You Lose Weight

  • Fruit salad
  • Little Millet with Curd
  • Oats
  • Vegetable Salad
  • Sprouts

Fruit salad

Easy And Healthy Lunches That Can Help You Lose Weight
Fruits salad is a great option for weight loss

Fruits are an amazing source of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. It is really easy to make a fruit salad. You can mix the fruits like apples, bananas, pomegranates etc to make a delicious lunch. It is easy to make and you can carry it everywhere. The best part is that you can add seasonal fruits for better nutritional value. (Also read: Sandwich for Weight Loss: Tips for making a healthier sandwich for weight loss)

Little Millet with Curd
It is important to include grains in your lunch. So, you can prepare an exciting dish if you use curd in the right way. The combination of millets and curd (you can go for buttermilk as well) is a very popular option to lose weight. The millet grain is cooked, then left for fermentation and then you can mix it with buttermilk.

The oats are an amazing option to lose weight. You can have them in lunch as well in form of oats soup, simple oats or you can add vegetables to it and make it more healthy for weight loss.

Vegetable Salad
No weight loss list can miss out on the healthy and tasty vegetable salad. Mix Cucumber, tomato, capsicum etc. Use olive oil for dressing.

Sprouts are full of nutrition and health values. You can have sprouts salad, sprouts khichdi or even a sprouts curry.

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