How to lose weight in twenty days: A step by step guide

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How to lose weight in twenty days: A step by step guide

Losing weight is without a doubt biggest hassle in the modern world. People these days find it hard to take out time to eat right and exercise right every day. This leads to weight gain problems. It becomes really hard to lose weight without having a plan or knowing what to do. That’s why everyone needs to try the 20-day weight loss routine. This twenty-day challenge moves in a slow and firm manner to lose weight in an effective manner. Let’s find out how to lose weight in 20 days. (Also read: What are the seven golden rule to lose weight in a week)

  • First day
    Resolve to lose weight and train your mind to accept it. It is important to be mentally prepared to lose weight.
  • Second day
    Remove all the fat based things in your house and replace them with low fat or no fat options.
  • Third day
    Check your weight and note it down. Start measuring your weight every day and make notes.
  • Fourth day
    Start running. It is your decision to either walk or run, but stay active. It is a start of a healthy everyday habit.
  • Fifth day
    Eat less and eat food rich in protein.
  • Sixth day
    Start practising different sort of exercises. Remember to perform plank daily.
  • Seventh-day
    Replace butter with avocado. Avacado helps to lose the weight.
  • Eighth day
    Analyze the content in your kitchen and remove any unhealthy option. Stick to healthy diet only.
  • Ninth day
    Develop the habit of standing up, stretching and moving in every one hour.
  • Tenth day
    Check your weight again. This helps you to know if you’re on the right track.
  • Eleventh day
    Try to break your record and set a higher weight loss goal.
  • Twelfth day
    Resolve to prepare a recipe for breakfast which includes less than 100 calories.
  • Thirteenth day
    Spicy food helps to burn the extra calories. So, add a spicy touch to your food.
  • Fourteenth day
    Now that two weeks are over you must revisit your weight loss goal. Pick a new goal.  (Also read: 10-minute delicious Indian meals to lose weight)
  • Fifteenth day
    Add proteins to your breakfast. For this, you can opt for eggs.
  • Sixteenth day
    You can switch to new exercises to replace the old ones. This will motivate you further.
  • Seventeenth-day
    Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. However, don’t forget to add water to your diet.
  • Eighteenth day
    Start skipping every day. It helps to remove the fat from the body. Skip for 5 minutes a day.
  • Nineteenth day
    Staying hydrated always. Make drinking water your priority.
  • Twentieth day
    Check your weight loss result. Repeat the process till you achieve your weight loss goals. (Also read: What the weird but effective ways to lose weight)
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