Lose weight: How to lose half kilograms weight in a day

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Tips to lose half kilograms in a day

Weight lose: Ways to lose weight effectively

Nowadays people are more concerned about their weight and health. They want to lose weight as extra weight on the body triggers many health-related problems. The extra weight on the body increases due to the accumulation of excessive fats. The fats accumulated on the body due to many reasons like the consumption of unhealthy foods and due to no exercise. In this regard, fitness enthusiasts adopt many techniques and method to lose weight. They follow the diet plan, workout routine and also do intermittent fasting. Despite following all these methods, people fail to lose weight. If you are concerned about the extra weight on the body, then there are some tips which help you to lose weight. Following these helps to lose half a kilograms of weight in a day. (Also read: Diet plan: Four-week diet plan for women to lose weight)

Lose weight: Tips to lose half kilograms of weight in a day.

  • Cut down the calories
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Gum
  • Ginger root tea
  1. Cut down the calories
    It is mandatory to restrict calorie while losing weight. You need to consume 800 to 1200 calories daily according to your weight. For better results eat in smaller portions. Eat 5 meals in a day instead of three meals.
  2. Aerobic exercise

    Lose weight by practicing aerobic exercise
    Lose weight: Practice aerobic exercises to lose weight.

    You need to incorporate aerobic exercise to lose half kilograms in a day. There are many aerobic exercises like boxing, swimming and running, which help to burn calories. Boxing burns 600-800 calorie per hour while swimming burn 500-600 calories per hour. Running burn 800 calories in an hour. (Also read: Exercises for the heart: Best exercises to keep your heart fit)

  3. Drink a lot of water
    Drinking adequate amount of water helps you to stay hydrated. Drinking at least 9-10 glasses of water will keep you replenished throughout the day and help you to lose half kilograms of weight in a day. (Also read: Water beauty benefits: Why water is the best thing for your skin and hair)
  4. Gum
    Your appetite will be suppressed if you chew gum twice a day. Moreover, it also helps you to burn calories and keep your jawbone strong.
  5. Ginger root tea
    Consumption of ginger tea after dinner helps you in digestion and keeps your energy level high. For better results, you can also add some ginger to your salad at dinner.

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Losing weight is a tough task but there are some tips which allow you to lose half kilograms of weight in a day. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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