How to turn on your weight-loss hormone

how to turn on your weight loss hormone

Weight loss is a tough task as excess fat on the body can cause many health-related problems. People work hard to remove the extra fat from the body. Aiming to lose fats people practice intense workout and stick to the proper diet but sometimes results are not satisfactory. People fail to achieve the desired results due to many reasons such as not executing diet plan and exercise properly. Ironically, the weight loss becomes more tough task if the hormones in the body are not supporting the process. It is necessary for weight loss, that the body’s hormones should be active. (Also read: What mistakes men commit during the weight loss diet)

Let’s know how to on weight loss hormone

Curb cravings all day long
how to turn on your weight loss hormone
The leptin hormone and commonly known as satiety, feel-full hormone that reduces your hunger. When it is released in the body, the body’s fat cells act on your brain’s hypothalamus, where it combats its nemesis ghrelin- the hunger hormone. In overweight and obese women, the most women have low levels of the hormone, making you very hungry.

How to increase the level leptin hormone

Inadequate sleep significantly slashes leptin levels. Every woman should get between 6.5 hours and 8.5 hours of sleep per night. (Also read: How carbohydrate intake helps in weight loss)

Build fat burning muscles

Testosterone is one of your body’s primary muscle-building hormones. The low levels of testosterone also promote insulin resistance, encouraging your body to store calories as fat.

How to increase the testosterone level in the body

You can promote the release of muscle-building and fat-burning testosterone by lifting heavy weights.

Give your meals staying power

Your intestines release cholecystokinin, glucagon-like peptide 1, and peptide YY hormone, whenever you eat. These hormones are responsible to slow down the movement of food through your GI tract as the slow movement of food in GI tract prevents overeating.

How to give your meals staying power

Always focus on consuming at least 20 to 25 grams of protein at every meal. Make sure to add in vegetable fats and also fibre from complex carbs. They both will improve levels of the gastric-delaying hormones.

Set your metabolism rate

The hormone including T3 and T4 released by the thyroid controls how many calories you burn while sitting. So, if you suddenly gain weight it may be due malfunctioning of thyroid hormone.

How to keep balance it

As iodine deficiency can cause your thyroid to malfunction, try to eat more iodine-rich seafood. (Also read: Amazing Cardio Tips To Burn More Fat)

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