How to measure your body’s fat percentage

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how to measure your body fat percentage

Excessive fat on the body is annoying because it makes your appearance bad and unfit. Moreover, the excessive body fats also trigger many health-related problems. The major health-related problem triggered by the excessive fats are obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many others. It is very important to shed extra body fat from the body to stay fit. Nowadays, people are very concerned about fitness and adopt many methods to eliminate extra weight from the body. But before adopting any method to lose weight, it is necessary to know the percentage of body fats. There are many ways to measure body fats. Once you know about the percentage of body fats, then you design your workout and diet plan accordingly. (Also read: Which food you should include in your lunch to lose weight)

Let’s know different ways to fat percentage:

Skinfold Calipers
Skinfold measurement has been used to estimate the body fat since past 50 years. The skinfold callipers measure the thickness of your subcutaneous fat. The skinfold callipers are very affordable. Even you can measure fat percentage at home.

Body circumference measurements
The shape of your body provides information about your body fat. You can estimate the fat percentage in the body by measuring the circumference of a certain body part. However, the accuracy of this method vary and it is not considered an idol method. (Also read: What are the different types of body fat and how to get rid of it)

Hydrostatic Weighing
The estimates your body fat based on its density. The hydrostatic weighing is also famous as underwater weighing. You have to submerge under water and exhale as much air as possible from your lungs to use this method. Moreover, this method is accurate as well as quick.

3-D Body Scanners
The 3-D body scanners provide details about the shape of your body by using infrared sensors. A 3-D model of your body is developed by the sensors and then scanners equation is estimated for body fat percentage.

Which method is best for you?
It depends upon the purpose of measuring of body fat. Moreover, most of the methods are not available at home. It’s important to use the same method consistently for better results. (Also read: Which sign reveals that ketogenic diet is working for weight loss)

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