How to lose weight by controlling fat genes

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how to lose weight by controlling fat gene

Fats accumulates in our body not only due to unhygienic habits but also because of your genes. In some people, fats are genetic, which is transmitted over generations. In this regard, you have to take various dietary measures along with many other methods to reduce the body weight. The stern methods and a strict diet will only help you to reduce your body weight by neutralizing fat genes. (Also read: What are the rules to reduce belly fat easily)

Here are tips to neutralize gene fats:

Reduce the amount of saturated fat and sugar. It is well-known fact that fat and sugar can be harmful to our body. Transmission of fat is done not only from food items but also from genes. In such a situation, if your weight has increased due to genetic factors, then you should reduce the consumption of fat and sugar because it can be detrimental to your body.

Take care of vitamins

Vitamin deficiency and excessive intake in the body are both harmful. The high amount of vitamin B increases the risk of obesity and diabetes in the body. So take care of your vitamin supply. You can consume multivitamin, but do not let the vitamins in the body increase more than necessary. (Also read: What Are The Ways You Can Lose Back Fat Effectively)

Beware of packaged foods:

Bisphenol-A (BPA) compounds have epigenetic effects on the body and increasing weight. BPA is used to soften the plastic but it dissolves in foods such as acidic and fatty foods such as tuna. Therefore, the consumption of canned foods should be minimized.

Morning walk:

Go for the morning walk as it has many health benefits. If you take walk amid sunlight it will provide sufficient amount of vitamin D to your body. The morning walk also reduces the risk of weight gain. It also boosts the metabolism and helps reduce fat joints. (Also read: What to do before breakfast to lose weight)

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